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Are You Scared Of Losing Your Valuable Jewelry?

Are You Scared Of Losing Your Valuable Jewelry?

Do you love going on vacations but get scared of losing your valuable jewelry?  The new idea is to leave your expensive, irreplaceable jewelry such as diamond earrings, and even your wedding ring at home and come to Paradise Jewelers and purchase an alternative to your good jewelry for your trip or event!  Make sure everyone knows you are off the market without the fear of losing that gem and more importantly without breaking the bank!

There are plenty of other opportunities to wear costume jewelry. A ideal place would be prom. Every girl wants to have the perfect accessories to finish the look but no one wants to risk the chance of an earring falling out or setting a bracelet down while you dance and losing such an expensive piece. Paradise Jewelers can save you all that trouble by allowing you to find amazing alternative jewelry when you don’t want to wear real diamonds. No one will be able to tell the difference and you can put your mind at ease when you’re on the dance floor.

Another opportunity would be a gala or formal dinner. Admit it girls! We love to know that our outfit is complete with the perfect necklace or earrings to add the right amount of sparkle to an outfit. Here at Paradise Jewelers your only concern will be which one do you want. With our wide variety of costume jewelry that you cannot tell the difference between, we will have the perfect set to finish your dress with no stress about the cost.

How many times have you packed a suitcase wondering which jewelry you can bring for what you are doing during the day? Mentally preparing yourself if you happen to drop your ring in the sand or pool. Never again. Here at Paradise Jewelers we will be able to show you options that will match everything you want and allows you to rest assured that your valuable jewelry is safe.

We have many beautiful options available. Take a look at our classic selection that we can have ready for you in a few days! Contact us to set-up an appointment or stop by our showroom today.

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