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Diamonds vs. Moissanites – Selecting the Right Stone

Diamonds vs. Moissanites – Selecting the Right Stone

Everyone has heard the saying that a diamond is a woman’s best friend. There’s a reason for this saying; because it’s true. Diamonds are a favorite because they are simply beautiful. They sparkle and shine, making them perfect for any jewelry. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not a man’s best friend because diamonds can be expensive.

That’s where moissanites come in. Moissanites are technically a type of artificial diamond. They look the same, but cost only a fraction of what an average diamond costs. This means you can treat your lady, without leaving a hole in your pocket. It’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. You want to give her something beautiful. A moissanite won’t disappoint.

Moissanites have the same shine as a diamond, so they look exactly the same. In fact, many people say the luster of a moissanite is more desirable than a diamond found in jewelry and engagement rings. They are made with a natural mineral that was originally found in the center of a meteor. Over years, scientists managed to manufacture this mineral, creating a beautiful artificial diamond. Because of this, a moissanite diamond is more readily available. Hence the cost being lower, but the appearance remaining the same. Since a moissanite diamond is cheaper to manufacture, more newly engaged couples and jewelers are choosing these diamonds in place of regular diamonds found in engagement rings, bracelets and wedding rings.

What does this mean for you?

You may be concerned that your loved one won’t appreciate a fake diamond. However, these diamonds are often preferred over the average diamond. On top of being less expensive, they are more environmentally friendly, since they don’t require the same type of mining. This makes them a popular choice among those doing their part to save the environment. Choosing a moissanite helps to reduce your carbon footprint, because you are choosing a material that relies less on the mining industry. But, being conscious of the controversy regarding the diamond industry is no reason to sacrifice owning beautiful jewelry. A moissanite diamond is a beautiful stone that you and your loved one can be proud of when wearing it in engagement rings and wedding rings.

On top of all that, moissanites are even more tough than diamonds. They are more durable and longer lasting, which means the shine will never fade. The moissanite diamond will always look just as beautiful as it did on the day you bought it.

It is a gift that just keeps giving!

If you’re not sold on the moissanite, you can talk to your Greenville jeweler about what will suit your personal needs. You can’t just buy a stone because it’s the popular choice, or even the most inexpensive. A stone, especially in jewelry, should be indicative of your relationship and what it means to you. Choosing the right stone is the real way to show how much you care. Paradise Jewelers, your Greenville jeweler will help you select a stone that is perfect for you. We can take your design and custom make an engagement ring and wedding ring that is perfect for you.

There are both pros and cons to almost every stone you could buy. It’s a good idea to decide what is the most important to you. To decide what you want the stone to say to the receiver. If you’re looking at engagement rings in particular, the price will definitely influence your decision. It might help you to know that more people are choosing moissanites over diamonds.

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