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How to Choose the Perfect Shape!

How to Choose the Perfect Shape!

Which Diamond will best match your girl’s personality?

There are so many different shapes and cuts, it could be tough to find the perfect cut for your special someone. The 10 basic cuts are round, princess, emerald, asscher, cushion, marquise, oval, pear, radiant, and heart.  Each of these cuts has their own personality and what they portray.

RoundRound – The classy look of a ROUND cut diamond is timeless. It is one of the most common cuts. Having stars like Funny Girl Barbara Streisand who said “yes” when proposed to by James Brolin with a beautiful round cut diamond.

PrincessCutPrincess – Looking for more of a trendy, fashion forward statement on your ring a Princess cut defiantly says that. It all started in 1961 in London and designer Arpad Nagy introduced the square cut diamond with anywhere from 49 to 144 facets, producing an eye catching sparkle.

EmeraldCutEmerald – If your special someone is the Queen Bee make sure you look at the Emerald cut. This ring is defiantly eye catching simple ring that will leave everyone in awe when she flashes her new accessory.

AsscherCutAsscher – In love with the emerald but don’t want something so flashy? Check out the Asscher cut! It is the exact same except it is a stunning square shape instead of the rectangle. This shape has beautiful clipped edges. The Asscher brothers in Amsterdam, Holland, brought this to market in 1902.

CushionCutCushion – Is your girl always after the perfect thing? I mean that is why she chose you after all.   She’s looking for the romantic cushion cut, also known as the pillow cut. This cut looks like a rectangle with rounded corners.

MarquiseCutMarquise – This ring is perfect for a girl into drama. It is said this ring was designed in the 1800’s during the reign Louis XIV for his mistress Marquise de Pompadour. It has an uniquely tapered cut on an oval that has rounded edges and pointed sides. Victoria Beckham wears a beautiful three-carat marquise from soccer star David Beckham.

OvalCutOval – The oval cut is perfect of a creative girl because in most settings you can place a wide range of jewels to your taste. The oval cut is also nice for girls with shorter fingers; this ring gives the elusion of long slender fingers.

PearCutPear – Need a unique ring for your unique special someone? Try out the pear cut, it resembles a sparkling teardrop. This is a fabulous cut for earrings or pendants. But always breathtaking on an engagement ring, and can be increased in width or elongated for the perfect finger fit.

RadiantCutRadiant – Radiant is perfect stand out ring for the perfect stand out girl. This ring carries a bit of a diva personality. With a beautiful glittering square with trimmed corners, its facets are perfect maximizing the color refractions. 

HeartCutHeart – The heart cut is more the extreme romantic. She will fall in love all over again with this symbol of romance. Such a challenging cut like this will be hard to execute and you should make sure all of the diamonds imperfections have been examined before making that diamond your heart.

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